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We’ve made it simple for the Coaches and Publishers to manage the homepage essential content and that’s where Homepage Curator comes in. More than functionality, Homepage Curator is a one stop solution to easily Manage Pinned content and makes the content Trend on user’s homepage.

Getting to the Homepage Curator is as simple as clicking on the Hamburger Menu and navigating to the Homepage Curator.

Essential Content

Whether it is for one user or all, whether it is one program or multiple, a Coach/Publisher user can now simply go to the Homepage Curator and Manage the Pinned content based on their requirements.

All the Pinned Content by any Coach or Publisher user is listed in the Essential Content section.

Update Pins

The Pinned content can be Updated on the user(s) Homepage using the below steps:

  1. Hover over to the right of the Pinned Content to Update Pins
  2. Click on Update Pins to Manage the Pining for users
  3. In the Pin For option select between
    • None: To Unpin the content from the homepage of all users
    • All Users: To make the content Pin for all the users across your instance
    • Specific Users: Select the users in the Search Bar for whom you need to Pin the content. Note: The user search can be further filtered by User/Team/Group/Segment
  4. Click Done once you’ve selected the users

On the SalesHood Homepage the Trending section display the top 20 most engaged pieces of content including Stories, Deal Wins, Pitches and Files.

From the Homepage Curator Trending Section you can set the number of days you want the content to keep trending across all the users’ homepage.

Time Period for Trending Content can be set anything between 1 to 999 days.  By default the time period is set for 30 days.

To set the Time Period for Trending Content, you can simply enter the number of days you would like to content to trend for.

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