Hidden Activties for Huddle

In this article we will cover how to use Hidden Activities for huddles and what they do to participants.

What are Hidden Activities?

Do you have sensitive information you need to roll out to hundreds of employees? Is there a training or test you need to roll out, but want to protect employees responses? Hidden Activities prevents participants of a huddle from viewing each other’s activities.

An activtiy is anything a participant of a huddle does ranging from comments, submissions, videos, and more.

Turning it on

Hidden Activities can be enabled anytime by going into the “Overview” page of the huddle and under “Huddle Options” selecting the checkbox. By selecting it on and publishing the huddle, this will automatically prevent all participants who are not managers, publishers, or coaches from viewing other participants activities.

If you are a manager, publisher, or coach you can view all participants activities even when turned on.

What does the Participant see?

If the participant is only an individual in SalesHood they will see only their account and activities throughout the huddle (see below). Once this is toggled on, this affects every module within the huddle, currently you cannot manage it per module.

Individual View

If you are a manager, publisher, or coach you will see all participants of the huddle within all modules. Although, a green text box will appear to notify that Hidden Activities is turned on for this huddle

If you have any questions please email support@saleshood.com.

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