Hidden Activities in Huddles and Learning Paths

What are Hidden Activities?

Hidden Activities allows for greater control over the privacy of Participant information within a program (Huddles and Learning Paths).

When Hidden Activities is enabled, Participants are prevented from viewing the info and activities of their peers who are also assigned to that content.

This is a great feature to utilize if you have sensitive information that you need to roll out to hundreds of employees, or need to provide a training or test your employees while keeping their activities (responses, scores, completion, etc) private.

Enabling Hidden Activities

For Huddles

Hidden Activities can be enabled by selecting “Edit” in the top right of a huddle. Once you are in edit mode, in the “Overview” tab select the checkbox under the “Huddle Options” tab.

This will automatically prevent all participants who are not Managers, Publishers, or Coaches from viewing other Participant’s activities.

For Learning Paths

To enable Hidden Activities for a Learning Path, navigate to the “Start Here” module see the Hidden Activities checkbox toward the bottom of the page.

This will behave in the same way as on the Huddle level, for all programs in the path.

What does the Participant see?

If the Participant is an Individual in SalesHood, they will see only their info and activities throughout the program. A green banner will display that activities are only visible to the user and their Manager.

If you are a Manager, Publisher, or Coach, you will see all Participant info and activities in the huddle. A green banner will display that Hidden Activities is turned on for this huddle.

If you have any questions please email support@saleshood.com.

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