SalesHood Analytics – Heatmap Charts


Heatmaps display data as a matrix where individual values are represented on a color scale.

You can use heatmaps to discover trends and understand complex datasets


Pitch Completion % by Day
(Image 1)

In the example above (Image 1), we are tasked with determining the best day to launch and follow up with participants to ensure a high completion rate for Pitch.

  • To do this, we want to know which days within the last 12 months had a high pitch completion %
  • We built the heatmap chart with the measure: “Pitch Completion %” – shown as an Average
  • For the “Row,” we want it shown by “Date” – i.e. group by Day.
  • For the “Column,” we want it broken down by User.
  • Within the Filter for “Completion Date,” we’ve filtered for the last 12 months.

We were able to see that there were high completion % on Tuesdays and a specific (8/31) Friday.

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