General SAML Guide

Saleshood has the ability to use SSO logins with Identity Providers that use SAML. While Saleshood supports SSO with specific IDPs such as Okta or Azure, other apps can be configured as long as they use a SAML connection.

To view a list of supported SSO providers click here.

This guide will walk through the basic steps needed to manually set up a SAML app for your Saleshood instance.

Step 1: Create a new SAML app from your identity provider (IdP)

Step 2: Input the application’s information (name, description, logo)

Step 3: Update the app setting by inputting the Assertion Consumer Service URL or Single sign on URL for the appropriate field (this will map to SalesHood’s administrative configuration for your company instance)

Example: For most companies trying to set up with SalesHood, this is how the formatting will be…

Entity ID: https://{your company}
Assertion (ACS): https://{your company}

Step 4: The app will require three attributes: email, first_name, and last_name

* Depending on the provider, you might not need to map all of them but email is required.

Step 5: Look for the Identity Provider Sign-in URL and Security Certification/X.509 Certificate, then send them to Saleshood support to complete configuration (

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