Groups Overview

Groups are a flexible way for you to manage users in SalesHood. Groups are similar to Segments and Teams, but what sets them apart is that a user can be a member of any number of groups.

You can use Groups in ways that match your organizational structure, such as creating nested organizational hierarchies or matrix reporting structures, or as ad hoc or temporary ways to group users, such as onboarding cohorts or project teams.

This guide walks you through how to Create, Manage, and Use Groups.

To start, Groups management is available via the Manage Users option found in the hamburger menu:

After clicking on “Manage Users” you will be taken to our new User Management page

Creating a New Group

  1. Click the “Manage Groups/Segments” button in the top of the left column

2. You will see a “Add/Manage” popup that allows you to add both new Groups and new Segments. Click +Add a Group and edit the Title of the group to create a New Group

3. A new untitled group box will be created. Enter the name of the Group

Adding Users to a Group

  1. In the Manage Users section, select the users you would like to add to the Group (you can use the Role filter and User Search bar at the top of the section to help find the users you’re looking for)
  2. Select “Actions” on the top right of the screen.
  3. Navigate to “Add to Group,” then select the group to which you’d like to add the users.

Editing an Existing Group

  1. Locate the Group you want to edit from the list at the left. Use the search or click the “Groups” sub-tab to narrow down this list. Click the ellipses (“…”) next to the Group Title, then click “Edit.”

2. An “Edit” popup will be generated, from where you can edit the Title of the Group and add “Watchers” to the Group.


  • Watchers of a Group have access to all programs the members of that group are participating in:
    • They have the same permissions and logic as a Manager would for their team. They also can do the following:
      • Comment on and Grade Pitch Module submissions
      • Comment on Exercise submissions
      • Comment on Video Modules of programs members of that group are participants in
      • Comment on SCORM files
      • View participant lists within the Huddle
      • Report on participants in the Huddle
      • Programs appear in search when a Group is added that you’re a watcher of
      • Can view and access programs from the library

Removing Users From a Group

  1. Clicking on the Group, Segment, or Team in the left column narrows down the users in the main part of the page to that specific Group. Select the users in the main part of the screen that you want to remove from a Group.
  2. Click “Actions”
  3. Click “Remove From Groups.”
  4. Select the Group from which the users needs to be removed.

Note: When removing a user from a Group – some user’s Team, Segments, and/or Groups will be modified. To prevent their data from being hidden in the program, we will assign them individually to the program. This will display the user with their current participation in the program without the Team, Segment, and/or Group.

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