Google Drive Integration

Google Drive is a cloud content management and file sharing service for businesses.

If you have a Google account containing content, you can sync the files or folders within the Google Drive app directly to the SalesHood library.

Quick note: Google Drive does not include background syncing, the titles/descriptions of imported files and folders will only be updated when viewing them within the platform. This means if you edit or delete a folder or file in Google Drive it will not reflect in SalesHood until you view it.

Authenticate with Google Drive

Step 1: Log into SalesHood and navigate to the Library.

Step 2: Navigate to the category where you’d like the files to reside. To learn how to make a category, please click here.

Step 3: Click the +New button on the top left (pictured below) then select Google Drive

Step 4: Select the +Add button.

Step 5: A pop up prompt should appear asking you to sign in. Select the “Sign in to Google” button.

Step 6: Another pop up will appear (pictured below). Please select your Google account (if already logged in through another web browser tab) or enter your credentials to log in.

Step 7: Click Allow to grant SalesHood to your Google Drive account.

Importing Files and Folders

After you have allowed access to the Google Drive, you can add your files and folders by doing the following:

Step 1: Click “+Add” on the top right.

Step 2: A pop up will appear (pictured below). Select the files or folders within Google Drive that you would like to sync then click “Select.”

Note: All company folders and files are displayed in this pop-up, if you cannot find what you are looking for attempt to search for that folder or file.

Step 3: After the file/folder has been selected, it will now appear within SalesHood (pictured below).

Click on the pencil next to Category, to edit the Category assignment. If you are not adding a folder or file directly into a category, one must be selected to import.

You can also add a Description and Tags

Step 4: Click “Done” to complete the Google Drive file/folder sync process.

Step 5: The synced file/folder is now viewable on SalesHood.

NOTE: When synching a Google Drive file, the uploader is made the “Owner” of the file. If the Owner is deactivated in Saleshood, the synched file may not be accessible until assigned to another user. Please contact Salehood Support ( for assistance with changing the owner.

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