Google Drive Integration

Google Drive is a cloud content management and file sharing service for businesses.

If you have a Google account containing content, you can sync the files or folders within the Google Drive app directly to the SalesHood library.

Quick note: Google Drive does not include background syncing, the titles/descriptions of imported files and folders will only be updated when viewing them within the platform. This means if you edit or delete a folder or file in Google Drive it will not reflect in SalesHood until you view it.

Authenticate with Google Drive

Step 1: Log into SalesHood and navigate to the Library.

Step 2: Navigate to the category where you’d like the files to reside. To learn how to make a category, please click here.

Step 3: Click the “+New” button on the top left (pictured below) then select “Google Drive.”

Step 4: Select the “+Add” button.

Step 5: Select the “Sign in to Google” button (may not appear is already signed in).

Step 6: A pop up will appear (pictured below). Please select your Google account (if already logged in through another web browser tab) or enter your credentials to log in.

Step 7: Click “Allow” to grant SalesHood to your Google Drive account.


Importing Files and Folders

Step 8: Click “+Add” on the top right.


Step 9: A pop up will appear (pictured below). Select the files or folders within Google Drive that you would like to sync then click “Select.”

Note: All company folders and files are displayed in this pop-up, if you cannot find what you are looking for attempt to search for that folder or file.

Step 10: After the file/folder has been selected, it will now appear within SalesHood (pictured below). Edit the category or tag the file/folder within this screen option. If you are not adding a folder or file directly into a category, one must be selected to import.

Step 11: Click “Done” to complete the Google Drive file/folder sync process.

Step 12: The synced file/folder is now viewable on SalesHood.


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