Getting Started for New Users

We are excited to have you join the SalesHood Enablement community!

Here are a few things that you will need to do to get started.

Step 1: Account setup and login

When an organization is set up with a SalesHood instance, their team’s administrator will first need to import or invite the different people in their organization to access the platform. Please contact your SalesHood Coach or account manager for more information on getting everyone set up with a login.

We also invite you to join our SalesHood Enablement Community to be added to our Expert Certification path. In order to be added, contact our team at

Once the invite to join SalesHood is received by the user, the user can then try logging into the instance.

Many organizations have their instances within SalesHood set up using single sign-on (SSO) authentication. This means is that users will be able to use the same login credentials as their work emails (or SSO identity provider credentials) to log into their SalesHood account.

If a company is set up with SSO, users will log in using these steps:

  1. https://[company subdomain]
  2. Click the green login button
  3. The login page will automatically redirect to their SSO login page

If the organization’s instance is not set up on SSO, users will be using a password-based login, which a password will be provided upon initial setup and can be changed by a user at any time.

Note: SalesHood currently supports Chrome, or Safari. We recommend using SalesHood on a Chrome browser for the most optimal experience.

Step 2: Mobile App

SalesHood is a web and integrated mobile platform. You will be using the SalesHood’s mobile app frequently. Please download the app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

* Please ensure that your mobile has the latest release of their app installed and use the same login credentials.

Step 3: Personalization

Personalize your profile by uploading your photo and adjusting to your specific time zone.

a. On the homepage of the web application, navigate to the bottom left and click on Profile Picture and then User Profile.

b. Select your the camera icon on the profile picture to upload your profile picture.

c. Select your title, e-mail address, and time zone to update each field.

Step 4: Complete your “To Do”

If there is any assigned work, it will be on your home page in the Assigned Learning To Do” tab.

After completing the assigned work, it will move from the “To Do” tab into the “Recently Completed” tab.

Step 5: Track Your Progress

You can track your progress at any time by:

a. Access your profile (Step 3 above)

b. Select the “Accomplishments” tab.

The Accomplishments tab provides a birds eye view of a participant’s journey in SalesHood. Statistics that appear at the top of the Accomplishments tab include overall completion rate, number of huddles and paths completed/number the participant is assigned to, amount of stories uploaded.

We also can see all huddles and paths that a participant has completed and search by the Huddle or Learning Path title.

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