Email Huddle Participants

What is Email Participants?

In a Scheduled Huddle you can send an Email to the participants any time after the Huddle is scheduled. This is an easy way to send an update to the Huddle participant as the need comes through.

Important considerations about Email Participants functionality

  1. The Email Participants is only available in the Scheduled Huddles
  2. The Email Participants functionality is currently supported only in the Classic View of the Huddle
  3. This functionality is not supported in the Modern Huddle View
  4. The Huddle Owner, Coach and Publisher can send the Email to the Participants

How to send Email to Huddle Participants

To send an email to the participants in your Scheduled Huddle event, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Huddle Overview Page
  2. Click Email Participants button
  3. Compose the Email
  4. Click Send Email

Additional Info

In the Compose Email Box you can select the type of participants you want to send the email.

  • All participants: By default, All participants option is selected. The email will be sent to all the Huddle participants regardless of their completion status
  • Competed participants: The email will only be sent to the participants who have completed the Huddle to 100%
  • Incomplete participants: The email will be sent only to the participants who have not completed the Huddle.

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