Editing a published Huddle

To edit a Huddle, click [Edit] on the top right corner of any page of the Huddle.

After a Huddle is published, certain sections/fields within the Huddle can be edited while others cannot. Fields that cannot be edited are restricted because they affect the responses, answers, and grades of users who have participated in the huddle.

Please be aware that by editing a Published Huddle, you are moving the Huddle from active use, and it will only exist in the Publisher until Published again.

You can access the Huddle Publisher by accessing the hamburger menu at the bottom left corner of the screen and selecting “Huddle Publisher”.

After a huddle has been published the following modules have parts that can be edited:

Overview Module

Editable Fields on Overview Module

  1. You can move modules Right or Left, delete, as well as clone it.
    1. Upon cloning a module, every item within that module is editable (the module is treated as completely new in comparison to the others that have already been published).
  2. Huddle Title
  3. Huddle Artwork
  4. Huddle Description
  5. Huddle Instruction
  6. Huddle Category
  7. Huddle Outcomes
  8. Huddle Duration
  9. Huddle Options Toggle (Choosing whether Activities by Participants are viewable to only Managers, Coaches and Publishers)
  10. Invitation message

Uneditable Fields on Overview Module

  1. Open or Scheduled Huddle type after publishing the Huddle

Video Module

Editable Video Module Fields

  1. Video Module Name
  2. Replace/Upload a New Video
  3. Replace/Upload/Sync New Slides
  4. Video Module Description
  5. Comment Section Title

Uneditable Video Module Fields

There are no uneditable video module fields.

Exercise Module

Editable Exercise Module Fields

  1. Exercise Module Name
  2. Ability to make Exercise Module Optional
  3. Exercise Module Title
  4. Exercise Module Description
  5. Notepad Upload – Automatically create a GoogleDoc from an Uploaded Document for note taking
  6. Exercise Question Title
  7. Ability to make Question a Requirement
  8. Exercise Answer Title
  9. Toggle the Exercise Module to Inherit Video and/or Slides from the previous Module
  10. Toggle additional Exercise question options as stated
  11. Replace/Upload a new video
  12. Replace/Upload/Sync new slides
  13. Allow Participants to change slides
  14. Change comment type of question responses

Uneditable Exercise Module Fields

Certain features within the Exercise Module cannot be altered after the Huddle itself is published. These include:

  1. Changing the order of the questions
  2. Deleting any active questions
  3. Changing the question type 
  4. Enabling the voting response feature
  5. Adding a new question

Test Module

Editable Test Module Fields

  1. Test Name
  2. Ability to make Test Module optional, and ability to assign pre-requisite Module(s)
  3. Test description
  4. Replace/Upload new video
  5. Replace/Upload/Sync new slides
  6. Assign the Test Grader
  7. Ability to allow for multiple attempts, as well as set the maximum number of allowed attempts
  8. The Test question Title
  9. Assign the correct answer, or add more answers
  10. Answer explanation

Uneditable Test Module Fields

Certain features within the Test Module cannot be altered after the Huddle itself is published. These include:

  1. Setting a minimum score for the test
  2. Delete and sort the order of the test question
  3. Delete a test answer or question
  4. Add additional questions
  5. Change the question type

Pitch Module

Editable Pitch Module Fields

  1. Pitch Module Name
  2. Ability to make the Pitch Module optional

Uneditable Pitch Module Fields

Once a Pitch Module has been published, you can no longer toggle, or alter the scorecard by which submissions will be graded.

If any of the items that are listed requires editing, and no reps have completed the huddle, please clone it. By cloning the Huddle, the system will treat it as a completely new Huddle.

To learn how to clone a Huddle, visit Clone a Huddle.

If reps have already gone through the Huddle and an uneditable field needs to be edited, please contact the SalesHood Support Team for assitance: support@saleshood.com

  1. Module Name
  2. Optional Module
  3. Description
  4. URL/ File uploaded
  5. Redirect Enabled

All fields can be modified even after huddle is published

Plugin Module

Editable Plugin Module Fields

  1. Module
  2. Optional Module
  3. SCORM File Upload
  4. Dimensions
  5. Description
  6. Comment Section Title

Unditable Plugin Module Fields

All fields can be modified even after huddle is published

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