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Donut charts show data as proportional segments of a disc. Donut charts can be segmented by either multiple measures or an attribute, and allow viewers to visualize component parts of a whole, either as raw numbers or as a percentage. Below is an example use case of a Donut Chart.


Tracking User Test Results

In the example above, we want to be a visualization of Elay’s team’s test scores. To do this, we have compiled a Donut Chart showing average score by user, filtered for Trevor’s team.

Measure: Average Test Score – the metrics we are analyzing

Viewed By: User as we want to view it as a summary of teams

Using the ‘Customize‘ feature, the donut can be visually customized.

  • Colors: Change the individual’s color on the donut chart
  • Legend: Show a legend individual the individual and their associated color
  • Canvas: Show their Average test score (measure) within the donut

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