Deal Review Exercises

This article goes a bit more in-dept on how to create, setup, and utilize this Exercise question type which integrates SalesHood and SalesForce platforms. This feature is a great way to sync up and celebrate wins in your Sales organization. Deal reviews can be set up and then exported back to Chatter by Hosts, Managers and Coaches.

How to Create a Deal Review Question

1. Create a Huddle with an Exercise Module type and add a Deal Review Question

Note: You will notice two checkboxes, “Enable Response Voting” and “Display Leaderboard” — these are options that are optional, but great for prompting further participation from your users!

2. Sync to SalesForce

Once Published, the creating user will need to navigate to the Scheduled Event or Open Huddle page and open the Exercise module where the Deal Review question was created. On the Exercise module page there will be a button to “Sync Deals”.

The user will then be prompted to allow SalesHood to access their SalesForce information:

Note: If this step is not performed, the question will appear as a Text response field to participant users.

3. Sync SalesForce Report

You will now be able to choose from a list of reports to pull from your SalesForce account. This is where the questions for this question type are pulled from.

Once you have clicked “Import” this step is complete.

4. Let the Responses Roll in!

Participant users can then respond to the questions that have been synced from the report:

5. Export to Chatter

After participant users have submitted their responses, the Host user then has the option to export these responses and post them directly into chatter under the relevant Opportunities within SalesForce. To do so, simply navigate back to the Exercise module and click “Export Deals”

If you still have questions, or if anything seems unclear, please reach out to and we will be happy to assist you.

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