Deactivate and Reactivate Users

Deactivate User(s)

A User can be Deactivated from the instance following the changes within the organization. A Manager and Publisher can only Deactivate Users of their own Team. A Coach can Deactivate any User from the instance.

In order to Deactivate a User, go to the Manager Users from the Main Menu

Once in the Manager Users menu, select the Users and Deactivate from the Actions drop-down tab.

Reactivate User(s)

Any User that is Deactivated within last 30 days, can also be Reactivated from the Manage Users section. In order to reactivate a deactivated user, select the Reactivate Users button.

You will then be prompted to the Reactivate Users window which will show all deactivated users within the last 30 days. You can even search for the user that you would like to reactivate rather than scrolling. Select the checkbox next to the user and select Reactivate. 

You will then see a “Reactivate successful” pop-up appear in the upper right corner of your display.

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