Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

What is it?

DLP is a backend service that scans every document uploaded into your instance for sensitive information.

How does it work?

Once a file is uploaded, the backend service will begin scanning. The file cannot be viewed or downloaded until its completely scanned and passed.

You can upload any standalone file to be scanned, only compressed and folders cannot be scanned. Including, files from 3rd party services that are not directly uploaded into SalesHood will not be scanned.

Files over 100 pages or 1000 rows will not be scanned and automatically rejected.


Once a file is scanned, the uploader will receive either a success or rejected email (per file) informing them it is complete.


If the file contained sensitive information, it will automatically be deleted and un-viewable within SalesHood. Within the rejected email, the uploader will see the reason it was rejected.


If the file contained no sensitive information, it will automatically be viewable within SalesHood. Within the success email, the uploader will see a link to the file.

How do I turn it on?

Contact your Account Manager or for more details or to turn on DLP for your instance.

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