Creating Tags for Files

Tags give you the opportunity categorize files by certain attributes (sales stage, Region, product, etc.), giving users the chance to find easily locate relevant files using the search function or the SalesHood/Salesforce Content Management Application. These custom tags are created and managed in SalesHood by users with a Publisher or Coach role in the system.

* SalesHood does not support free-form tags. So, all tags will be chosen from lists created by users with Coach or Publisher roles.

If you use the SalesHood/Salesforce Content Management App, these tags in SalesHood should correlate with the fields used in the Opportunity page (where the app is located) in Salesforce. The default fields used in the App are StageAccount, and Product. To use other Salesforce fields, contact

* To access the SalesHood/Salesforce Content Management App, please search and request for it on the Salesforce AppExchange, or contact your SalesHood customer success manager, sales rep, or by emailing

Please follow these steps to create custom tags…

Step 1:  Navigate to the 3-line menu bar on the top right of the page in SalesHood and click Manage Tags.

Step 2:  In the Manage Tags page, click [+Add Tag Group] to add Tag Groups, and [+Add Tag] to add Tags within those Tag Groups. As you can see in the example below, Industry represents a Tag Group, and the different industry options (Agriculture, Energy, Finance, etc.) represent Tags.

To see how these Tags will be used to help find relevant files in the Search Results page, visit Using the search function.

To learn more about how this can be used in the SalesHood/Salesforce Content Management App, visit SalesHood/Salesforce Content Management App.

Step 4:  After you’ve created your Tag Groups and tags, it’s time to tag your files/documents.

Things to note:

  1. When you hover over the attribute or values, there will be a [pencil] icon or [trash bin] icon that will pop-up.  Select the pencil icon to edit the text and the trash bin to delete its attribute or value.
  2. If you are using the SalesHood/Salesforce app, you will also have the ability to designate whether the file is Public Facing or Internal Only.  The option will show up as you’re tagging the files individually or in bulk; it does not show up as an option in the Attributes.

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