Creating/Editing Tags

To better organize the content within your Saleshood instance, tags can be created and assigned to categorize your content.

Coaches and Publishers have the ability to create and manage tags for use on content within the Saleshood instance, through the “Manage Tags” option found in the hamburger menu in the bottom left corner of the Saleshood screen.

Once you are in the Manage Tag screen you will see the following table:

On the left hand side, use the “Add Tag Group” option to create a new tag group to categorize your tags under.

Once the tag groups are created, select the tag group, and on the right hand of the screen use the “Add Tag” option to add a tag to that category.

To edit a tag hover your cursor over the tag group or tag you wish to change and a set of icons will appear on the right on the tag. Use the Pencil to edit the tag or the Trash to delete a tag.

Click here to learn how to add tags to content within your Saleshood

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