Creating and Managing Badges

As your users do their assignments and programs on Saleshood, celebrate and mark their completion by awarding them with Badges to show-off on their User Profile!

Users with the Coach role are now able to create and manage Badges to that can be awarded to their users upon completion of a Learning Path.

Creating a New Badge

Click on the hamburger menu in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and select the “Badges” button

On the Badge Management screen select “+ New Badge” to create a new Badge

You will then see the following window to enter in a Badge Title, a description of the Badge, and designate a “Criteria” or a Learning Path needed to be completed to award the badge. You can also upload an image for your badge by using the Upload button.

Once you have entered in your information, hit “Create” and your new Badge is ready to be awarded!

*Note: Users who have already completed a Learning Path before the Badge’s creation will automatically be granted the badge upon its creation.

Managing Badge Details

Selecting a badge from the Badge menu will open the following pop-up menu.

Badge Info

By accessing the Badge Info tab, you can view a Badge’s details, including the title, description, and criteria. You can make changes to these details by selecting the “Edit” button.


The Awardees tab will provide you with a list of users who have been awarded the badge along with their date of their badge reward. You can export this list into a .csv file by using the “Download” button.

Deactivating/Reactivating a Badge

Deactivating Badges

If a Badge is no longer need, you can easily deactivate the Badge by clicking on the Badge you wish to change, and on the Badge Details window, select the “Deactivate this Badge” option.

When a Badge is deactivated, it is not deleted from the instance, but instead hidden from public view. Deactivated Badges will still be visible and listed in the Badge Management Screen.

Reactivating Badges

To reactivate a badge simply go to the Badge Management screen and click on the inactive badge of your choice.

In the Badge Details screen select the “Reactivate this Badge” button. You will then be prompted to make any changes to the Badge Title, Description, and Criteria if needed. Once complete, hit “Reactivate” and your Badge is now ready to be awarded again!

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