Creating SalesHood Export API Report Types in Salesforce

In this article, we will walk through how to correlate SalesHood Export API data within Salesforce to build out custom reports and dashboards.

Step 1: Set up Report Types

Go to SetupReport TypesCreate new Report Type and then click next.

  • Primary Object: select the object which is primary. The objects from export api are named with prefix as SH.
  • Report Type Label: any
  • Report Type Name: any
  • Description: any
  • Show in Category: depends on where you want to categorize this report type
  • Deployment: select
    • In Development if it’s being developed.
    • Deployed if it’s ready for the report wizard.

In the step to setup Object Relationships, leave as-is and click Save.

Here is how Report Type looks like when created successfully. In this example, we created new report type named huddle_event_participant_process, which is using SH_Huddle_Event_Participation_Fact for the next steps.

  • Great! To move on, click Edit Layout in Fields Available for Reports section.
  • Next, click Add fields related via lookup.
  • In this step, we are going to add more fields which have lookup type. As you can see in this example, I selected SH_Huddle_Event_Participation_Fact object, which has Huddle_Event_ID and Huddle_Event_Participant_ID as lookup field.
    • The Huddle_Event_ID is linked to SH_Huddle_Event for getting the metadata of a huddle event.
    • The Huddle_Event_Participant_ID is link to User for getting the user information.
  • From here, we click on the expansion the select any additional fields we want to include the report. For example, we choose
    • Full Name from Huddle_Event_Participant_ID;
    • Huddle Name, Huddle Category, Host_ID.Full Name and Learning_Path.Path_Name from Huddle_Event_ID.

Step 2: Run the Report

  • Click on App Launcher, search for Reports and click on it.
  • In Reports tab, click New Report and find the Report Type we created before.

From here, we can run the report to have the correlated data between export api and salesforce.

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