Configure Single Sign-on using Google


In this article we will learn more about the process to enable the Single Sign-On for your company’s instance using Google OAuth.

If your company is using Google Suite, you can make your users login to SalesHood app using their company’s Google account.

Request implementation of SSO using Google

Once you have decided to enable the SSO for your instance via Google, all you have to do is just send an email to indicating to implement the SSO authentication for your company using Google.

We will implement the Single Sign-On for you by setting it up in our internal system.

Access SalesHood via Google account

After the SSO has been successfully implemented for your company, the users can login to SalesHood using their company’s Google account.

Using the below steps, the users can access their SalesHood instance

  1. Access your SalesHood instance
  2. Click on the Login button
  3. In the new tab opened, Enter your company’s Email and Password
    • Note: Users will only be able to login if their account in SalesHood is created already.  
  4. Upon successful authentication, the user will be able to access their company instance.

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