Confidential Categories

What is a Confidential Category?

Sometimes you may not want content to be viewable or accessible to all users within your instance. You can limit the visibility of your Saleshood content within your Library by using Confidential Categories.

A confidential category is a category that can only be accessed/searched for by Coaches and Publishers by default. Users with the Individual role will not be able to access/search for the confidential category, unless they are assigned to content within that category, and Manager users will not be able to access/search for the category unless they or their Team is assigned, or they are the Host of the content (in the case of Scheduled Huddle Events):

  • Once a huddle is added to a confidential category, the participants assigned to that huddle have access to the confidential folder
  • Participants of a huddle in a confidential category can only view the huddles they are assigned to within the library/search result
  • If a participant has not completed the huddle, it will appear on their homepage in ToDo
  • All files in a confidential category are accessible for all participants of the huddles in that category


  • If User A is assigned to Huddle A and User B is assigned to Huddle B, and both huddles are in the same confidential category, User A will only be able to access Huddle A and User B will only be able to access Huddle B even though both huddles are in the same confidential category
  • Both User A and User B will be able to access/view all the files that are added directly to the confidential category
  • Each user will only be able to view supporting documents that are added to the respective huddles they are assigned to


  • Since users aren’t assigned to Open Huddles, only users who have already participated in an Open Huddle will have access to that huddle when put in a confidential category – if a newly created open huddle is placed in a confidential category, Individuals and Managers will not be able to access it.
  • Learning paths, files, and other content can also now be added to confidential categories!

How to create a Confidential Category

  1. Access the Library
  2. Click the “+New” button in the upper left
  3. Select “Category”

This will display the Create New Category popup, where you can check the “Confidential mode” box to make your new category confidential:

After you assign content to your confidential category, it will display in the Library with the lock icon on the thumbnail image:

Edit Confidentiality for existing Categories

You can add/remove Confidential mode on an existing category by clicking on the ellipse (…) icon in the upper right of the folder and selecting Edit:

This will display the Edit Category popup, where you can toggle Confidential mode on/off and update:


  • SalesHood owned categories and Partner owned categories are not editable, and therefore cannot be put into Confidential mode

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