Confidential Categories

What is a Confidential Category?

A confidential category is a category that can only be accessed/searched for by Coaches and Publishers by default. Users with the Manager and Individual role will not be able to access/search for the confidential category, unless they are assigned to content within that category:

  • Once a huddle is added to a confidential category, the participants assigned to that huddle have access to the confidential folder
  • Participants of a huddle in a confidential category can only view the huddles they are assigned to within the library/search result
  • If a participant has not completed the huddle, it will appear on their homepage in ToDo
  • All files in a confidential category are accessible for all participants of the huddles in that category


  • If User A is assigned to Huddle A and User B is assigned to Huddle B, and both huddles are in the same confidential category, User A will only be able to access Huddle A and User B will only be able to access Huddle B even though both huddles are in the same confidential category
  • Both User A and User B will be able to access/view all the files that are added directly to the confidential category
  • Each user will only be able to view supporting documents that are added to the respective huddles they are assigned to


  • Since users aren’t assigned to Open Huddles, only users who have already participated in an Open Huddle will have access to that huddle when put in a confidential category – if a newly created open huddle is placed in a confidential category, Individuals and Managers will not be able to access it

How to create a Confidential Category

  1. Access the Library
  2. Click the “+New” button in the upper left
  3. Select “Category”

This will display the Create New Category popup, where you can check the “Confidential mode” box to make your new category confidential:

After you assign content to your confidential category, it will display in the Library with the lock icon on the thumbnail image:

Edit Confidentiality for existing Categories

You can add/remove Confidential mode on an existing category by clicking on the ellipse (…) icon in the upper right of the folder and selecting Edit:

This will display the Edit Category popup, where you can toggle Confidential mode on/off and update:


  • SalesHood owned categories and Partner owned categories are not editable, and therefore cannot be put into Confidential mode

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