SalesHood Analytics – Components and Features Of the KPI Dashboard

The KPI Dashboard

Your KPI dashboard is the primary place to view insights for your reporting data. It contains the reports, charts, embedded web content, and other objects that collectively deliver a reporting solution for a category of interest.

1. Dashboard Panel

The Dashboard Panel contains all the dashboards that created by you, your peers, and the SalesHood Standard Dashboards.

The SalesHood Standard Report Dashboards consist of:

  • Enablement Leader Dashboard
  • Front-Line Manager Dashboard
  • Marketer Dashboard
  • Sales Leader Dashboard

2. Add New Dashboard

Click “+Add Dashboard” to create a new dashboard. This creates a blank dashboard from which you can drag reports and charts you’ve created in the Customize tab.

3. The Dashboard

This area is the actual Dashboard results.

4. Dashboard Filter

The area contains the filters for your Dashboard. Filters can be added or deleted by editing the Dashboard. Applied filters are saved from session to session.

5. Edit Dashboard

The “Edit” button allows you to edit the Dashboard by adding or removing reports and visualizations or updating your filters. When editing, all of the reports and charts you’ve created in the Customize tab appear in the left-hand column for you to select. Drag and drop new reports/charts into the main Dashboard section to to add new views to your dashboard.

To Learn How to Create a Dashboard, please click here.

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