Company Admin Role

What is the Company Admin role?

This role is for users who typically set up and manage integrations or branding within your company. This could be a Marketing Director or IT Manager that do not require user management permissions within SalesHood.

What are the permissions for the Company Admin?

Company Admin are able to:

  1. Create and manage company integrations (SharePoint, SCIM API Provisioning tokens, and Linkedin Organization ID integration for badges)
  2. Create and manage partner instances
  3. Manage company branding

They do not have permissions to:

  1. Create and manage programs
  2. Add and manage users

Process to make a user the Company Admin? 

A Coach can identify any user within their company that best suits into the Company Admin Role and send a request to the SalesHood Support Team or their Customer Success Manager to make them the Company Admin.

The SalesHood Team can then update the user’s role to a Company Admin.


1. Can a Company Admin create programs?
This role does not have permission to create or manage programs within your company.

2. Who should be a Company Admin?
Typically people who are this role are IT Managers and Marketing Managers (for branding).

3. I am a coach, can I be a Company Admin?
Yes, any user within SalesHood can be a Company Admin as long as a Coach user approves of the assignment.

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