Coaching Activities

Coaching Activities makes it easy for Managers and Coaches to find the relevant task they need to complete for their programs and teams on both web/mobile. There are 3 main components: Activities, Notifications, Emails. In order to access Coaching Activities, select the hamburger menu at the top right corner of the page.

What defines Coaching Activities?

Activities are actions the Manager or Coach needs to complete to “coach” the person in a pitch, test, or story. They are separated into two lists, Pending and Completed.

Pending activities are listed in chronological order (recent to oldest) while Completed activities are listed by completion date (recent to oldest).

You may dismiss each pending activity one at a time by selecting the blue dot to the right of the notification.

You may also dismiss all by selecting “dismiss all”.

Types of activities

There are 3 types of activities:

  1. Grading a Test
  2. Reviewing a Pitch
  3. Reviewing a Submitted Answer In a Test

Grading a Test

This activity is triggered when someone on your team or in a huddle submits an essay question within a test. After selecting the activity, it is marked completed once you submit the grade for the test.

Test Grader

Test Grader is the person who receives test submission activities. As a Manager or Coach, before you publish a huddle with a test, there is now an option to select who grades the test.

The options are:

Host of the huddle or learning path, Participants Primary Manager, and Participants Secondary Manager.

  1. The Host is the person who is managing the program (as seen on the overview page of a huddle or learning path).
  2. The Participants Primary Manager is the person who manages each participant of the program.
  3. The Participants Secondary Manager is the person who also manages each participant of the program after the Primary Manager.

Note: If a user does not have a Secondary Manager, the platform defaults to Primary.

These options affect who receives the activity in Coaching Activities to grade, although does not affect emails sent when a test is submitted or graded. The Test Grader is marked on the test and in the emails.

Anyone (with permission) can grade the test, however, only the Test Grader will receive the activity. If someone that is not assigned as Test Grader grades the test, it will be displayed “<Name of grader> has graded the test” in Coaching Activities Completed section.

Who can receive test activity:

  1. Open huddle (not in learning path): Participants Primary/Secondary Manager (default)
  2. Open huddle (in learning path): Host of learning path (default) or Participants Primary/Secondary Manager
  3. Scheduled huddle: Host of huddle or learning path (default) or Participants Primary/Secondary Manager

Reviewing a Pitch

This activity is triggered when someone on your team or in a pitch submits a pitch. Both the Host of the pitch and the Participants Managers receives the activity to review the pitch. The activity is marked completed when you submit a review for that user.

Reviewing a Submitted Answer

This activity is triggered when a member of your team submits an answer in an exercise module.

Enhanced Search in the Coaching Activities

To make the search more feasible, we have developed an enhanced search bar for the Coaching Activities. You can filter your search for the activities with the Users, Programs, or Team/Groups. Further, you can also refine your search using the Type and Submitted Time of the activities.

To search the Coaching Activities by its Users, Programs, or Team/Groups, simply select your preference in the drop-down menu and it will search for the result by the category selected

In order to search for the Coaching Activities by it’s Type or Time of Submission, click on the Hamburger menu in the search bar and choose your option.

The Type and Submitted at option can also be further categorized by the Pitch and Test. Having selected between Pitch and Test will displays the result accordingly. To choose a Type, simply click anywhere within the Type bar.

The “Submitted At” option lets you find the Coaching Activities based on the time of submission in the form of Today, Last Week, All Time, Custom. Using a Custom option, you can select any date from the calendar and the Coaching Activities for that particular day will be displayed in the search result. Click anywhere within the Submitted at bar to select your option.


As you are completing activities, we will display notification to remind you how many activities are left and when they are completed. If you do not login after a few days, we will also notify you that there are pending activities.

Notifications are web only and do not send push notifications on mobile.


Every week we will update you on the # of pending activities you have by person so you are informed on who needs coaching. The email is sent to all Managers and Coaches in your instance, this can be turned off in the Notifications Manager.

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