Centrify SCIM Provisioning

Provisioning Configuration

1. Login to Centrify as Admin

2. Enable Provisioning

  • Navigate to App/Provisioning

3. Update Provisioning Configuration

Sync users to Provisioned App

1. (optional) Invite users to your Centrify instance

  • Navigate to Core Services/Users
  • Click Add/Import/Invite user

2. Create user role to sync with provisioned app

  • Navigate to Core Services/Roles/Description

3. Add users to role

  • Navigate to Members
  • Click Add
  • Choose users to assign to this role

4. Assign provisioned app to sync with

  • Navigate to Assigned Application
  • Choose the app to sync with

5. Setup Role Mapping for provisioned app

  • Navigate to Apps / Provisioning / Role Mapping
  • Add role:
  • Choose role you want to add from the list:

6. Sync users to the provisioned app

  • Navigate to Settings / Users / Outbound Provisioning
  • Choose app to sync
  • Track synchronize job status

Example log messages:

User added:
centrify.test2@saleshood.com.3 => centrify.test2@saleshood.com.3

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