Folder Permission Settings: How Do I Make a Category Accessible to Particular Users?

Within Saleshood, sometimes you would like content in your Library to be accessible to certain users in the instance.

Coaches and Publishers have the ability to assign particular Teams, Groups, Segments, and Individuals to have access to a folder in the Library. They also have the ability to view all Folder regardless of the permissions.

Only Individuals and Managers granted permission will be able to view the Folder and the content within it.

Folders with Permissions added to them can be identified by the following icon:

How to Set Permissions

1. In the Library select the “…” in the top right corner of folder icon and select Permissions

Note: If you are adding new subfolders to a Folder with permissions set, those subfolders will inherit the parent folder permissions. If you are adding permissions to a folder with pre-existing subfolders, the subfolders will not inherit the permissions.

2. In the Update Permissions Box, select the “Specific Users” option

3. Once turned on, use the search box to search the name of the User, Team, Group, or Segment you wish to add. Click on the box next to the name to make a selection. Once you have made your selection click on “Update” to add the users.

How to Remove a User from Permissions

To remove access permissions for users, in the Update Permissions screen click on the X next to the the name of the users, groups, or segments you want to remove.

If you would like to turn off the Permissions for the Folder, reselect “All Users” to allow all users to have access to the folder again.

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