Buyer Sites Introduction

What is a Buyer Site?

More than a functionality, Buyer Site is the simplest way to compile focused and curated content from within Saleshood into a customized page that can then be shared with prospects and other users.

The Buyer Site feature allows users to:

  • Create a customized Buyer Site with specific content in the form of Video, File, Links, etc. and shared in just one click.
  • Share the Buyer Site with specified Customers, Prospects, or any other users.
  • Analyze the views and engagement with the content shared on the Buyer Site to better understand your customer’s interests

How to enable Buyer Site

The Buyer Site can only be enabled from the SalesHood backend. The Buyer Site functionality can be enabled for separate user(s) or the entire instance. A Coach User can send a new request to get the Buyer Site enabled for any specific user or the whole instance.

Create a Buyer Site

Once the Buyer Site is enabled in a user account, it can be accessed directly from the Homepage by clicking on the Handshake icon on the left from the global navigation menu.

Once in the Buyer Site menu, follow these steps to create a new Buyer Site:

  1. Under My Sites , click on the Create Site button to create a new site.
    • You may also chose to create a new site from the available Templates

2. A pop-up window Create Site will appear for you to select a use case for your Buyer Site to begin with.

3. Depending on the Use Case you select, please enter the site details such as Title, Company, Welcome Message, Opportunity URL (for Active Deal and Other Use Cases)

4. Once the Buyer Site is created, click +Add button on the right to add content to it.

  • Every separate content you’re adding, provide the details and add the content in its respective pop-up box.
  • For more information on creating new Buyer Sites and adding content click here

Share a Buyer Site

Once all the content is added, a Buyer Site can be easily shared by clicking on Share button at the top right of a Buyer Site page:

In the Pop-up, add the emails of the contacts you wish to share the Buyer Site with.

Alternatively, you may also click on the Copy Shareable Link to share it with users via different sources.

Buyer Sites also allow you to have the ability to further manage user access by granting or denying access:

Learn more about Sharing and Managing Access to a Buyer Site here

Buyer Site Insights

The Buyer Site data captured can be viewed in the Insights tab. From the number of views to the locations where the site was opened, all the Buyer Site engagement is recorded and available in the Insights. A detailed article on Buyer Site Insights can be found here.

Clicking on the Insights tab opens up the Buyer Site data.

Within the Insights tab different engagement data lets you see the performance of the Buyer Site and its content

  • Total Site View: Reflects the number of times the site was accessed.
  • Total Content Views: Reflects the number of times a Buyer Site content as viewed.
  • Contacts: The Contacts that have access to the Buyer Site.
  • Content: Shows the engagement recorded in each Buyer Site content.
  • Events: The events that occurred within a Buyer Site content such as a Contact downloaded a content, etc. is all recorded in the Events section.

For more information on Buyer Site Insights click here

Buyer Site Demo Video

Please find below the demo video showing the entire Buyer Site creation and sharing from the SalesHood platform.

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