Buyer Sites: Macro Insights Dashboard

Macro Insights Overview

Before we learn about individual Buyer Site insights, let’s dive in and see what the Buyer Site Macro Insights Dashboard is and how to access it.

The Macro Insights Dashboard is designed to give a broad level insights that span Seller Activity and Buyer Engagement across all Buyer Sites. The purpose of this dashboard is to provides organizations with a solid understanding of how their sellers and buyers are engaging with the market.

Macro Insights Date Range

By default, the Buyer Site Macro insights of the current Quarter is shown which can be further filtered down by Static Period, Users, and Use Cases.

To view the filtered data as per specific Date Range, User or Use Case simply click on each section and make the selection from the drop-down list.

Important considerations about Macro Insights

What trend can be analyzed through the Macro Insights Dashboard

CoachesManagers, and Publishers can understand the trend over time for the following:

  • How many sellers are actively engaging buyers using the Buyer Sites?
  • How much content have the sellers shared with prospects?
  • How many Buyer Sites are currently being used to engage buyers?
  • What are the most active segments using Buyer Sites?

Important Notes on Macro Insights:

  • Coaches can see the Macro Dashboard containing all seller activity across the entire organization.
  • Managers and Publishers see this dashboard containing only activity related to the sellers on their team.
  • The trend available in the Macro Insights can be filtered down by Date Range, Users and Use Cases.

Macro Insights Sections

The Macro Insights is the first page you see when you click Buyer Sites from the Global Menu. It contains two sections

  1. Seller Activity
  2. Buyer Engagement

Seller Activity

The Seller Activity is a reflection of the total Active Sites, number of Content Shared, Active Sellers, and Most Active Segments in the given time range.

Buyer Engagement

Buyer Engagement reflects the data about the engagement made by the buyers/prospects you have shared the site with.

Buyer Engagement shows the Contacts, total Engagement Time, total number of Asset Views, and Most Engaged Companies in a given period of time.

Hovering over the graphical line shows the individual count of that week/month.

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