Buyer Site Insights

What is Buyer Site Insights?

Once the Buyer Site is created and shared with a prospect, customer, or any user, all the data of that Buyer Sites can be tracked easily in the Insights section.

The Buyer Site insights can be viewed by the Buyer Site owner as well as any Coach and Publisher.

Each Buyer Site contains an Insight section from where the data of that Buyer Site can be viewed very easily.  The Buyer Site owner just needs to click on the Insights option.

Buyer Site Views

A snapshot of the Buyer Site view contains the following:

Total Site Views: Total number of times the Buyer Site was viewed till date.

Total Content Views: This refers to the total number of times each Buyer Site contents were viewed. The Buyer Site contents could be separate modules added within the Buyer Sites such as PDF, Video, etc.

(Example: A quick snapshot on the count of a Buyer Site and its content views)

What is included in the Buyer Site insights?

Let’s learn a bit more about different areas within the Buyer Site insights used for tracking the views.

Apart from the total site and content views, more detailed data on who viewed the site, what content was viewed, the time and location the view took place, etc. can also be found in the respective tabs under the Buyer Sites insights

  • Contacts: The Contacts within the Insights section refers to the users that the site is shared with. By scrolling the page down or using the Search Contact box the owner can easily check which users have seen their site.
  • Content: To view the number of views of each piece of content added within the site, this option can be used. Content tab list out all the separate content added in the site
  • Event: Event section is the detailed list of the Total Content Views. All the different content views are registered and can be found in this tab.

How to analyze the Buyer Site insights?

As described above, the Buyer Site Insights contains different areas for analysis. Let us dive deep and see how to analyze the numbers from these areas.

Contacts tab

To track down the analysis of Buyer Site Contacts and better understand their progress, the Engagement and Top Content sections can be used.


To know in-depth about the duration of time a user spent in a Buyer Site, the Engagement tab can be best used as it contains all the tracks of time, date and activities a user did in the Buyer Site.

All the users who accessed the Buyer Site are listed in the Engagement page and their engagement history can be viewed Week, Month, and Quarter wise.

Top Content

To get a quick view of the Buyer Site content accessed most by the user, the Top Content tab can be used. Top Content can be further viewed using two options

  • Time Spent: This tab lists out all the assets of the Buyer Site that a user viewed from most viewed to least. The exact amount of time the specific user spent on the asset is also shown.
  • Activity: Total number of activities a user did in the Buyer Site including Views, Downloads, Opens.

Content tab

Every Buyer Site can have one or more different type of content added in the form of Video, PDF, Link, etc. The analysis from the Content can be used to analyze content specific traffic.


The Engagement tab displays the amount of time a content was viewed on specific date. This can also be tracked by Week/Month/Quarter.

Who’s viewing

As the name indicate, the “Who’s viewing” lets you know which Contact accessed the content and for what amount of time. More tracking through the Time Spent and Activity can also be done.

Events tab

The events that occurred within a Buyer Site can be found in the Events tab. The location from where a contact access the Buyer Site including the Time & Date, etc. all in one place can be viewed from the Events.

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