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While users have the ability to create their own Buyer Sites, in some instances you may want to drive alignment within your seller teams by providing them with a library of pre-made templates containing selected content to best suit any selling scenario. Templates also can be used as a great way to save some time for your sellers, as they can utilize the premade templates as is or as a starting point for creating their own Buyer Sites, allowing them to better focus on closing deals.

  • Coach users can create and manage templates
  • Manager, Publisher, and Individual users can use the templates to create a new site.

Accessing Templates

From the Buyer Sites, clicking on the Templates button lets you in the Template section.

Individual, Manager, Publisher View

If you are a Manager, Individual, or Publisher, you will see all the Templates shared with you on this page.

Hovering over a template icon will give users the following options:

  1. Use Template – Use the template to build a Buyer Site from
  2. Preview – Will open a separate tab that shows a mock up view of a Buyer Site using the template

Coach View

If you are a Coach, when accessing the Templates page you will see two tabs

  1. Published – Displays all the currently published templates created.
  2. Drafts – Displays all currently unpublished templates created.

Hovering over any of the Templates give the same Use Template and Preview option as Managers, Individuals, and Publishers. In addition, Coaches have an extra menu under the “…” that provide them the following options:

  • Edit – Put a Template into edit mode (this will take you to the Template Editor)
  • Publish/Unpublish – Make a template visible to users by publishing or unpublishing it
  • Settings – Select which users have access to a Template
  • Delete – Remove a template from the instance

How to Create a New Template

Creating a New Template

The following will walkthrough how to create a new huddle template:

  1. In the Templates page select +New Template

2. On the Template Editor page include a Title, Description, and Thumbnail (optional) for the Template. These will be visible on the main Template page to help differentiate each template.

3. Once you’re in the Template Editor, you can add the Content for the Template by clicking on the + Add button and selecting the options to choose the content from.

4. Once all the content is added to the Template you can select Publish to make the template accessible to all users

Creating a Template From an Existing Buyer Site

Templates can be created from any existing Buyer Site found in My Sites and All Sites by selecting the “…” on the far right and selecting Create Template.

Selecting this option will then take you to the Template Editor and copy all of the content found on the original Buyer Site into the new template.

Enter a new Title and Description for the template and hit publish to share the new template.

Creating Access Permissions To Templates

By default, when templates are created they are set to be accessible to all users. If you would like to limit who should have access to a template you can do so by doing the following:

Through the Template Editor

  1. In the Template Editor page select Settings in the left hand menu bar

2. Under Template Access Permissions select Specific Users

3. Using the search bar beneath the Specific Users option you can search individual users, teams, groups or segments and select who you would like to grant access to the Template.

4. Select Publish to republish the template

Through the Templates Screen

Access Permissions can also be accessed from the main Templates screen by selecting the “…” on the top right of a template icon and selecting Settings. This will take you directly to the Settings page in Template Editor.

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