Buyer Site Privacy

Choose who can view your created Buyer Site using our Buyer Site privacy settings. Upon accessing any Buyer Site, a prospect will see a prompt to log in and join a Buyer Site.

Buyer Sites currently provides you with the ability to create site with the following Privacy Settings:

  • Public – where the Buyer Site is accessible to all users
  • Private – where only approved users are allowed to access the Buyer Site

How To Set Up and Change Privacy Settings On A Buyer Site

When Creating a New Buyer Site

While creating new Buyer Site, in the Create Site pop-up, select Private or Public in the Site Privacy section.

Changing the Privacy of an Existing Buyer Site

Existing Buyer Sites can have their privacy settings changed in the My Sites or All Sites screens by clicking on the “…” button on the right side of a Buyer Site name, and selecting Edit.

This will open an Edit Site pop up window where the privacy settings can be changed under the Site Privacy section

Private vs. Public

Depending on the privacy settings, the Private and Public privacy settings allow you to have control over what prospects are able to view content.

Private Sites

If you select to have a Private site, as previously mentioned only users with approval are allowed to view a Site.

There are several ways in which to give approval to view the Buyer Site.

Buyer Contacts

Add Contacts

When accessing a Buyer Site on the left hand menu select the Buyer Contacts icon

Select the +Add Contact button

Enter the user First name, Last name, and Email, then select Add to grant the access.

User Request Access

If a user attempts to view a private Buyer Site without being given approval they will receive a pop-up that will notify them that they do not have access to the site.

If Request Access is selected their information will appear in the Buyer Contacts with a Requested marker under the access column. Click on Requested and select Approve Access or Deny Access for the user.

Auto Approval By Email Domain

In the Site Privacy settings mentioned in the previous section, if you select the Private, under it there is an option, Contacts From The Following Domains Will Be Auto-Approved, that allows allows users with email addresses from a specified domain

Here you can enter the domain or search and select a company name to use their domain. Once selected, if a user logs into the Buyer Site and have an email that uses the same domain, they will be given approval to access the Buyer Site automatically.

Public Sites

Setting a site as public will allow prospects automatic access to the Buyer Site upon logging in, without needing approval from the Buyer Site creator.

Removing or Re-adding a User’s Access to a Buyer Site

If a user needs to have their approval changed, access the Buyer Contacts screen and select the “…” on the right.

In the pop up menu select Deny Access or Approve Access to change the user’s access.

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