Buyer Site Chat

Chat within a Buyer Site? Yes, you heard it right!

Buyer Site introduces open communication between a Buyer and Seller through its amazing feature called Buyer Site Chat. The “all in one place” Buyer Site chat allows the Seller, Buyer and all the Buyer Sites contact to chat in the same buyer site, hence, making the communication easier for all parties.

What is the use of Buyer Site Chat?

The Buyer Site Chat room makes the exchange of messages easy, simple and centralized between the parties involved in the deal. Using the Buyer Site Chat, all the site contacts can communicate from within the Buyer site directly instead of using the traditional method of email which fears the loss of communication between the threads.

Who can chat from the Buyer Site?

All the contacts who have access to the Buyer Site can communicate from the site by clicking on the Chat icon located bottom-right.

Screenshot of the Inbox tab within a Buyer Site listing out all the active conversations

How to NOT include a chat room in a Buyer Site

By default all the Buyer Sites comes with the Chat option but it is absolutely possible to NOT include the chat in a Buyer Site. For many reasons, the owner may not want to have the chat room available in a Buyer Site.

Chat option can be excluded in the Buyer Site using these steps:

  1. Go to Buyer Site Settings
  2. Click on the Privacy & Collaboration tab
  3. Disable the Contact Collaboration by toggling it to the Left

Key characteristics of the Buyer Site Chat

  • Every Buyer Site contains a chat room where the Seller and the Buyer Contacts can communicate directly
  • The Buyer Site Chat pop-up supports the emojis, attachments, and location
  • Email notification of the messages is also sent to all the Buyer Site contacts
  • The Active status of a Buyer Site contact is displayed in their profile icon (avatar)
  • The unread message(s) surface in the Seller’s Inbox option with a Red Dot.

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