Buyer Contacts

Who are the Buyer Contacts?

In Buyer Site, the users who have access to a Buyer Site becomes the Buyer Contacts. The Buyer Site shared with different users makes them the Contact(s) of that Buyer Site.

Accessing the Buyer Contacts

  • A Coach can access all the Buyer Sites and therefore, all the Buyer Contacts of different sites
  • A Buyer Site Owner with an Individual Role can only access the Buyer Contacts of the site(s) they created
  • A Manager/Publisher have access to the Buyer Site(s) created by them and their team members. Manager/Publisher can see Contact of the sites created by them and their direct reports
  • A Buyer Site Editor, regardless of the Role can access the Contacts of the site they’re an Editor of

How to view Buyer Contacts

Viewing the Buyer Contacts is very easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Access the Buyer Site
  2. Click on the Buyer Contacts icon

The Buyer Contacts list out all the users having access to the site along with the info related to their Company, Title, Email, etc.

How to Add a Contact

  • Public Buyer Site: Buyer Sites contacts are automatically added upon accessing the site.
  • Private Buyer Site: For Private Buyer Sites, the contacts can request access to the site. When their request is approved, they become the Buyer Contacts of that site.

Manually adding a Buyer Contact

Any new user whom you would like to give prior access, you can add them as a Contact by clicking on the + Add Contacts at the top-right. Once added as a Contact, the user should be able to access that Buyer Site.

In the + Add Contact box, you just need to fill in the user details and click Add to successfully add the Contact.

Note: Once a Contact is added to a Buyer Site, they cannot be removed.

Update a Buyer Contact

Updating a Buyer Site Contact can be done from the Contacts tab. The Site Owner and other users (mentioned in the access paragraph) can Update the Buyer Contact by hovering over the contact and clicking on the Update Contact button.

The contact fields like their First Name, Last Name, Email, Title, Company, and Avatar can be updated.

Restrict Buyer Site access for a Contact

As the Contact has access to the Buyer Site, there may comes a situation where you may need to restrict the site access for a Contact. The solution for that is Deny Access.

Deny Access prevents the Contact from accessing the site and can be enabled by clicking on the “…” options and selecting Deny Access.

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