Build a Slide Presentation Pitch (video-over-slides)

* Please note that this type of Pitch must be recorded by users on the SalesHood mobile app.

With a Slide Presentation Pitch (video-over-slides), you can launch a Pitch with pre-loaded slides for your users to go through. As you can see below, users will be able to record themselves (selfie-style video appearing in the corner) while swiping with their finger through slides, which will take up the rest of the screen.

By using the pre-loaded slides, your users can focus on different subtopics within one Pitch. These slides could be used in a variety of different ways. Please see some common examples below:

  • Have your users go over a customer facing slide presentation
  • Use slides as questions (i.e., What are your top 3 discovery questions?)
  • Use slides as prompts (objection handling)

In this article, you will learn how to create one of these Pitch’s for your users, and you will also learn how to record your Slide Presentation Pitch from the end-user (user) point of view.

How to Create a Slide Presentation Pitch:

Step 1: Navigate to Pitches and select [Create New Pitch]:

Step 2: Fill out the pop-up form with the following details:  

Once you are finished, click [Create].

Step 3: You will now be taken to the Start Here page of the Pitch you created.  To make this Pitch a Slide Presentation, edit the [Type] option by clicking on the [pencil] icon next to [Type], as seen below:

Step 4: Once you click on the [pencil] icon next to [Type], you will see the following pop-up. Once here, click on the scroll down menu next to [Type] and choose Slide Presentation.

Step 5: Click [+ Add Slide] to upload slides from your computer. Please note that you must upload individual slides as JPEG or PNG, or multiple slides as a ZIP. We recommend saving slides as JPEG or PNG directly from a slide deck in Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Once you have uploaded slides, your Pitch will be ready to go for your users to start recording themselves going through your pre-loaded slide presentation! For instructions on how to record your Slide Presentation Pitch, please see below:

To learn how to record one of these Pitches, visit How to record a Slide Presentation Pitch (video-over-slides).

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