Branding your SalesHood instance with Theme

*The company branding of your SalesHood instance is an add-on feature. Please contact your sales representative or customer success manager for additional information.

Two things are needed to access the Theme feature:

  • The Theme (branding) feature is activated for your company SalesHood instance
  • Your role within the SalesHood instance is Company Admin

Before customizing the branding for your company instance, we recommend contacting your marketing department for your company’s branding guide.

To Begin:

Step 1: Select the menu bars to the left of your profile picture (top right)

Step 2: Select “Settings”

Step 3: Select the “Brands” tab

Step 4: To edit the background color, select the desired color through the color palette.

*Please note, after selecting a new color, the changes will be made in real-time within the Preview pane.

Step 5: To edit the text color, select the “Normal Icon” tab, then select the desired color through the color palette.

Step 6: The “Highlight Icon” tab allows you to edit the color of the text when your mouse cursor hovers over it. Select the desired color through the color palette.

Step 7: “Logo” allows for you to replace the SalesHood logo with your company logo. Select upload to upload your company logo.

Step 8: After previewing the changes within the Preview pane, click the “Apply” button to update the customization to the production instance.

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