Branding your SalesHood instance with Theme


Do you know that you can customize your SalesHood instance’s branding with the background color and logo of your choice. Yes, using the Branding functionality a Company Admin can set the instance branding.

Two things are needed to access the Theme feature:

  • The Theme (branding) feature is activated for your company SalesHood instance
  • Your role within the SalesHood instance is Company Admin

Before customizing the branding for your company instance, we recommend contacting your marketing department for your company’s branding guide.

How to Set Up Branding

1. Click on the Hamburger menu above the profile picture in the bottom left corner

2. Select Company Settings

3. Select Branding

4. To edit the side bar color, select the desired color through the color palette or by entering the Hex color code under the “Side Navigation Background” option

*Please note, after selecting a new color, the changes will be made in real-time  on the page

5. To edit the color of the icons in the side bar,
select the desired color through the color palette under the “Normal Icon Background

6. The “Highlight Icon Background ” tab allows you to edit the color of the text when your mouse cursor hovers over it. Select the desired color through the color palette.

7.Logo” allows for you to replace the default SalesHood logo with your company logo. Select upload to upload your company logo.

NOTE: Changes to the Logo will not apply in real time. To view logo changes you must hit “Apply” and the page be updated.

8. After previewing the changes, click the “Apply” button to update the customization to the production instance.

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