Box Integration


Box is an application like Google Drive and SharePoint where content can be stored. A file from Box can be synced into the SalesHood library. Once the files is synced successfully, it can be viewed inside SalesHood.

After the content is synced, any changes made to the original file (stored in Box) is not reflected is SalesHood.

Who can add files from Box?

  • A Coach and Publisher can only sync the content from Box into SalesHood.
  • The synced content can be viewed by all the users inside the library, unless restrictions setting applied.

How to import content from Box?

As a Coach/Publisher, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Library/Library Folder
  2. Click + New button (located top right)
  3. Select Box from the dropdown list. If this is the first time you’re importing something from Box, it will redirect you to the Box login page, where you need to:
    1. Login to your Box account
    2. Grant access to Box for SalesHood app
    3. You will then be redirected back to SalesHood
  4. Click + Add button
  5. Click on Add button next to the folder/file’s title to import
    1. To drill into a folder, click on its title and the list will update
  6. Click Done

Viewing the Box synced content

By simply clicking on the synced file, it opens inside SalesHood Preview Window.

Note: File permissions for Box files in SalesHood are first checked in Box. If the user does not have access to the file in Box, they will not be able to view.

(Screenshot of a sample file synced from Box)

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