Box Integration

Import files

  1. Login as Coach/Publishers/Manager
  2. Go to Library
  3. Click New
  4. Choose Box in the dropdown menu. If this is the first time you’re importing something from Box, it will redirect you to the Box login page, where you need to:
    1. Login to your Box account
    2. Grant access to Box for SalesHood app
  5. You will then be redirected back to SalesHood
  6. Click Add button, a list of your files and folders will appear in the dropdown
  7. Click on Add button next to the folder/file’s title to import it into SalesHood. To drill into a folder, click on its title and the list will update
  8. Follow the same steps for adding normal Files

Viewing Files

File permissions for Box files in SalesHood are first checked in Box, then within SalesHood. If the user does not have access to the file in Box, they will not be able to view. If a user has permissions to view the file in Box, but the file exists in a Confidential folder and the user is not a Coach or Publisher, the file will not appear at all in the Library for that user.


  1. Importing folders might take some time to finish, as we will recursively drill down and import all the folders and files under that folder.
  2. Box file status indicators:
    1. “?” Indicator: User needs to login to refresh Box file’s metadata
    2. “!” Indicator: User does not have permission to refresh the Box file’s metadata
    3. Spinning Indicator: The file is being refreshed
  3. Due to production and preview instances using different Box apps, the tokens only work on production. To solve this issue:
    1. Go to rails console for the respective environment. 
    2. Search for Box’s UserAuthProvider for the intended user and destroy it.
    3. Go back to the app and reauthenticate box.

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