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Bar charts visualize your data as horizontal bars, similar to Column Charts (vertical bars).

Bar charts allow you to View and Stack attributes while measuring a particular metric.


Viewing Data in a Bar Chart

A. In the example below we’re visualizing average test scores and counts of tests passed (measures) by the User attribute.

Stacking by Attribute

B. In the example below we are visualizing activities (the Measure) by Team, stacked by user. Thus, the width of the bar represents the activities count by team, while the colored bands within each bar represent the activities by user within each team.

If we want to determine which team has the most activities and which users contribute the most to their team’s activities count we use a stacked Bar Chart:

  • Measure: Sum of Activity Count.
  • Viewed by: “User Manager” – this represents team activities as each bar.
  • Stacked by: “User” – this represents each team members’ activities contribution by the colored bands within each bar.

Here, we see that Trevor’s team has the most activities and that Elay has contributed the most to his team’s activities count.

The Customize option allows you to customize the visual aspects of the chart:

  • Color: Change the color of the stacked attribute.
  • X-Axis: Toggle the labels or rotate the indicator text of the X-Axis legend.
  • Y-Axis: Toggle the labels or rotate the indicator text of the Y-Axis legend.
  • Legend: Toggle the Legend and move its position on the chart.
  • Canvas: Show/Hide the Measure (data) within the chart.
  • Gridline: Toggle the gridline within the chart.

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