Azure Active Directory Configuration Guide

This article contains information and detailed steps for setting up & configuring Microsoft Azure Active Directory SSO for SalesHood.

Steps for the set-up

Step 1: Login to Azure portal:

Step 2: Go to Azure Active Directory > Enterprise applications > All applications. To add new application, click the New Application button.

Step 3: Choose Create your own application, enter name for it and click Add to finish adding new application
Step 4: 
You can find your new application in Enterprise applications then click on it to open the configuration page
Step 5:  In Single sign-on configuration, choose SAML-based Sign-on

Step 6: Setup Identifier, Reply URL for the application.

Identifier: https://{company domain}
Reply URL: https://{company domain}

Step 7: Map Attributes.
Map the field which contains the user’s email into the attribute emailaddress

Step 8: The configuration is complete and should look like the following:

Step 9:  Copy the SAML configuration Information for setting in SalesHood.
Download the Certificate Base64 and copy the Login URL then send this information to Support at to complete the SAML configuration.

Step 10: Assign user on Azure Directory into the application

Step 11: Test the configuration
NOTE: User is being tested must exist in SalesHood prior to the test

Click on the button Test, choose Sign in as someone else to test any user you wantThe result looks like this if the configuration is correct

Notice the field emailaddress in the section Token Claims. It MUST show up here with the correct email address
If it fails, please check if the email address is valid, check the related user exists in SalesHood. Or click the button Download the SAML response and send it to SalesHood support

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