Azure Active Directory Configuration Guide

Step 1: Login to Azure portal:

Step 2: Go to Azure Active Directory > Enterprise applications > All applications. To add new application, click the New Application button.

Step 3: Choose Non-gallery application, enter a name for it, and click Add to finish adding new application.

Step 4: 
You will find your new application in Enterprise applications > All applications.

Step 5: Click on the application to direct to the application configuration page.

Step 6: In the Single sign-on configuration, choose SAML-based Sign-on.

Step 7: Setup Identifier, Reply URL and User Identifier for the application.

Identifier: https://{company domain}
Reply URL: https://{company domain}
User Identifier:

Step 8: Add account to application (only accounts in this list can be used to login).

Step 9: Download Certificate (Base 64) and Metadata XML.

Step 10: Open metadata file with any Text Editor and get SAML Endpoint.

Step 11: Send x509 Certificate and SingleSignOnService Endpoint URL to to SalesHood’s SAML Configuration.

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