Automatic Speech Recognition

The speech to text features enables you to view a real-time transcription of your video and audio files. You can easily view the transcript by opening the dialogue box to the right of the video/ We display timestamps next to each spoken section.  Navigation is easy, taking you to specific points in the video, by clicking on the time stamp in the video.

* We transcribe all video types (Deal Wins, Pitches, Huddle videos, video files, etc.) uploaded by all users (Publishers, Coaches, Managers, Individuals).

Search Through Transcription

If you want to learn about how your colleagues handle competition discussions, search all video content where the keyword “competition” is mentioned and use the transcription window to skip to the exact segments where  “competition” is mentioned.

Search “competition” in the search bar and select the “Video” filter.

This search populates all video content where “competition” is mentioned. Select the video you’d like to review and you’ll be directed to the corresponding video page with the transcription window open. See the photo below for an overview of how this process works:

Using the Transcription Window

The transcription window allows you to search for your keyword, identify when it is mentioned, and skip to the corresponding video segment(s). Each timestamp displays the transcribed text, with your keyword highlighted.

Follow the instructions below to effectively utilize the transcription window:

Step 1: Click the transcription symbol on the top right of the video.

Step 2: Enter the keyword you’d like to search in the search bar.

Step 3: Click the timestamps to skip straight to the corresponding video segment.

Companies using SalesHood Transcription Services will benefit from:

Automate Meeting Recaps: Record meeting recap summaries using the SalesHood mobile recorder and audio is instantly trancribed, saving admintrative time to write meeting notes.

Transcribe Meeting Notes: Record customer meetings and demonstrations and upload to SalesHood to auto-trancribe the speech and make the text searchable for future reference, learning and knowledge sharing.

Search Speech: Search for specific text in any and all video files that are recorded in SalesHood and/or uploaded to SalesHood.

Call Analysis & Call Coaching: Upload customer calls for managers to identify coaching moments in calls. Provide feedback after searching for specific words and phrases.

Auto-Transcribe Sales Tools: Upload video marketing tools to auto-transcribe scripts.

Search: The automated speech to text features enable you and your teams to search for keywords of the text transcribed from every video and audio file. Learn more about our automated speech to text search.

Video Player Enhancements

We’ve improved our video player now to make watching content in SalesHood even easier to use!

Increase Speed – We now offer the ability to slow down or speed up a video. Select the 1x symbol on the playback bar to see options for increasing or decreasing the video playback speed.

Closed Captions and Transcriptions – Select the CC button to choose between seeing captions on the video or transcriptions in a window to the right of the video.

We currently only offer transcriptions and captioning in English at this time. We would love to hear your suggestions for other languages you would like to see supported. Please send those to

If you would like a copy of the generated transcript, you can select the “Download Transcription” from the Transcription window and download a .txt or .vtt file.

Volume Bar – Select the speaker icon to reduce or increase volume.

Full Screen – Increases the size of the video player to full screen.

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