Assigning Programs to Users

This article will cover the ability for Manager, Publisher, Coach roles to assign out content to other users.

Note: This only applies to assignable content (ie. Scheduled Huddles and Learning Paths). Participants cannot be added to Open Huddles as these are considered “self-service” content. Rather, participants are included in the Activity lists within Open Huddles when that user logs an activity.

How to Assign Content

In SalesHood, users that have any role above individual can assign out content to participants.

  • Managers can only assign out to their own Team
  • Publishers and Coaches can assign out content to all users. 

Assigning users can choose to assign content by Team, Segment or Group. In order to assign a subset of users, you must first create it via the Manage Users page.

Important Note: Please be advised, SalesHood tracks and maintains participation history by linking it with the user team, segment, or group in which it has been assigned. Changing user profile details will alter the history record of that user’s participation. For example:

  1. A Manager assigns their Team A to Huddle “Sales Training”
  2. An Individual user assigned to Team A moves departments, and is now assigned to Team B
  3. That user will no longer have a visible record reporting they participated in the Huddle “Sales Training” unless Team B is also assigned, or the individual is added back to the Huddle.

Step 1: Navigate to the Overview page of a huddle or the Start Here page of a learning path.

Step 2: In the [Enter participant’s name] box, type in the individual, team, group or segment you would like to be assigned to the content.

The user group type will display in () next to the name of that user group:

Step 3: Click Add!

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