Assign Grader in a Pitch Module

Grading a Pitch is now not only limited to the user’s Primary Manager. With the Grader feature, a Huddle creator can designate a user’s Primary Manager, Secondary Manager, and any specific Coach/Publisher to grade the Pitch.

Assign Grader in a Pitch Module

When creating a Pitch Module, the Huddle creator can assign a participant’s Primary Manager, Secondary Manager and/or any Coach/Publisher to grade the participant’s Pitch after it is uploaded.

The Scorecard option must be enabled in order to assign a Pitch Grader.

Steps to assign a Grader while creating a Pitch Module

  1. Toggle the Graded button to Right.
  2. Select the Grader by checking the desired grader option.
  3. If Coaches/Publishers option is selected, click on the Edit button to assign the Grader from the selection window.
  4. Toggle the Scorecard option to Right (if not done already)
  5. Save the Pitch Module.

After the Pitch is uploaded by the participant, the selected Grader receives the email notification as well as the notification in the Coaching Activities. The Pitch Score given by the Grader will be displayed as the Avg Grader Score.

Note: In the Pitch Leaderboard section, the “Grader Score” metric displays the Avg Score received by the designated Grader of the Pitch while the “Score” metric displays the Avg Score received by every review of the Pitch.

Edit or Delete the Grader Score in a Pitch.

The Pitch Score that has been graded by the assigned Grader can also be Edited or Deleted. The Grader can only Edit the Score submitted by themselves by clicking on the “…” option and selecting Edit. The Grader can then adjust the Scorecard Criteria bar and click Share.

To Delete the Grader Score, the assigned Grader or Coach can click on the “…” option and select the Delete button. The Grader Score will be deleted.


  1. A Coach can Delete any Grader Score.
  2. Deleting a Grader Score will impact the overall Avg. Grader Score of the participant’s Pitch.

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