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This article gives a complete explanation on Archiving content in SalesHood and navigating through Archived component of the Content Module. Let’s understand Archiving in more detail.  

What is Archived?

A content that is outdated but does not need to be removed from the SalesHood library can be Archived. Once a content is Archived it becomes inactive and cannot be found in the library or the direct search result.

The Archived section in the Content Module list out all the library content that has been Archived. A Coach and Publisher Role User can only Archive the content and access the Archived section.

How to Archive content?

A Coach and Publisher can Archive content from the Modern Library.

  1. Navigate to the content that needs to be Archived
  2. Hover over the content thumbnail to click Options (3 Dots)
  3. Click Archive

What Content can be Archived?

All the library content can be Archived. The list is below

  1. Files
  2. File synced from third-party apps
  3. Folders (including Sub-folders)
  4. Learning Paths
  5. Huddles

How to access the Archived section

A Coach and Publisher user can access the Archived section using these 2 steps:

  1. Go to the Content Module from the Global Menu
  2. Navigate to the Archived section

Note: Once the content is Archived, it can only be found in the Archived section. The Archived content cannot be seen inside the Modern Library anymore.

How to Unarchive a content?

Un-archiving a content is as easy as Archiving it. A Coach and Publisher users can Unarchive the content.

  1. Go to the Archived section in Content Module
  2. Select the content you want to Unarchive
  3. Click Unarchive button at the top OR hover right to content and click Unarchive


  1. Multiple content can be selected at once to Unarchive
  2. If you want to Unarchive only a sub-folder of an Archived Folder
    1. Click on the Arrow to list out the Sub-folders

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