Add Participants, Teams, and Segments to a Scheduled Huddle event

* This capability is only available for users with the following roles: Manager, Publisher, Coach
Participants cannot be manually added to “Open” Huddles. However, participants will automatically be added to the Activity list when a user logs activity in the Huddle. (Ex: If John Doe accesses an open huddle and finishes an exercise, he his completion stats will be displayed in the Activity list)

To learn how to schedule a huddle, please click here.

Step 1: Navigate to the Overview page of the huddle.

Step 2: In the [Enter attendee name] box, type in the individual, team, or Segment:

Individual: Input the name of the individual you’d like to add as a participant.

Team: Input the team manager’s name and click the option with “(Team)”.

For example, if you want to add Amy Miller’s team, search for “Amy Miller (Team)”.
* Please note that this will also include the manager as a participant.

Segment: Input the segment name and click the option with “(Segment)”. 

For example, if you want to add the North America segment, search for “North America (Segment)”.
* Please note that this will also include Productivity Coaches and Managers included in the Segment as participants.

Step 3: Click [Add to Huddle].

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