An activity is a broad term in SalesHood used to track actions performed on the platform. Activities are tracked and reported in several different places in SalesHood.

Where Activities are Reported

User Profiles

Activities can be found within the profile of any user under the statistics tab and this shows the total number of activities over the lifetime of the user’s account:

These are the action items that count toward activity totals in the user profile:

  • Scoring a Pitch
  • Submitting a Pitch
  • Creating / Editing / Deleting a comment
  • Recording or watching a Story, Deal Win or Recognition Video
  • Creating / Deleting a comment in a Story or File
  • Creating / Editing / Deleting a scheduled huddle event
  • Creating / Editing / Deleting an Exercise Coaching comment
  • Submitting an Exercise Answer
  • Creating / Deleting a Huddle Event (including Open Huddles, Huddle Templates, Huddle Events, etc.)
  • Logging in (on either web or mobile)
  • Files – Creating / Editing the description / Deleting / Updating Tags / Updating a file
  • Submitting / Updating a Test Answer
  • Adding / Deleting a user
  • Removing a user from a Team
  • Watching a video
  • Liking Content or Comments

These Legacy feature actions also count toward activities:

  • Submitting a pitch (Old Certification Programs)
  • Creating a Deal Win exercise (Old huddles which contain Deal Wins as a module)


The Overview tab of any Huddle will show the number of activities for each participant user in that Huddle:


Reports Builder

The Builder is another place you can get activity counts from, and here you can filter by Huddle(s), or just display all activities for a user. Please note, you must be a Coach to access this feature.

In the Reports Builder, the following count toward your activity totals:

  • Submitting a pitch (Old certification program)
  • Submitting / Updating a Test Answer
  • Submitting an Exercise Answer
  • Create a scheduled huddle event
  • Score a pitch
  • Recording a Story, Deal Win or Recognition Video or create a file

Please note: The Reports Builder does not include archived Huddle Events. These are  events that are either previous recurring Events that have ended, or Events  that have had the “Duplicate and Archive” button selected:

Individual Summary Reports

In this report, the same actions that are reported in the Builder are reported as Activities, but archived Events are also included ( Events that have had the “Duplicate and Archive”  button selected, as stated above) there is also a date selector, to look at a specific range.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with this feature, please reach out to

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