SalesHood Release – Late May 2023

📚 Content Page Templates Page templates are now available, enhancing your content management experience to maximize your content activation. Templates for Pages allow revenue enablement teams to establish a consistent and repeatable design for their pages, enabling them to create visually stunning and cohesive content effortlessly. Using Page templates takes the […]

SalesHood Release – May 2023

📚 Content Content Audit We are excited to announce the release of our newest content management feature, Content Audit. This powerful tool provides content managers with a centralized platform to quickly and easily locate all content within their Library of revenue assets that requires updates. With Content Audit, managing your content […]

SalesHood Release – April 2023

🤝 Selling Buyer Sites Macro Insights Dashboard – Buyer Engagement Buyer Engagement insights are now available for the Macro Buyer Sites Insights dashboard. We have rolled out 4 key insights that outline how buyers are engaging with the Buyer Sites that your sellers are sharing. Here’s a breakdown of the […]

SalesHood Release – February 2023

🤝 Selling SFDC Integration – Buyer Contact Activity Tracking Integrating Salesforce with Buyer Sites gives sellers visibility into the buyer engagement activity on their sites from the Opportunity record within Salesforce. Sellers no longer need to leave Salesforce to gauge how engaged a buyer contact is with the content that […]

SalesHood Release – December 2022

🎓 Learning Pitch AI Beta We are very excited to announce that the Pitch AI is now available for Beta! Instructional designers can now configure an AI Criteria so that the participants can receive immediate AI feedback on their pitch submissions. Participants will receive an AI score from 1-10 based […]

SalesHood Release – November 2022

🤝 Selling Buyer Sites Content Organization On many digital Buyer Sites, many links, files, and videos are shared to throughout the sales process, and there are many different categories of content shared. With the introduction of content groups on Buyer Sites, a seller can organize all of the content on […]

SalesHood Release – October 2022

🤝 Selling Team Selling with Buyer Sites In most deals today, there is usually more than one person involved in closing and managing an account. Therefore, it is critical that sellers have a digital sales room that facilitates collaboration among the team that is working together on each deal in […]

SalesHood Release – September 2022

🤝 Selling Buyer Sites Chat It has never been easier to connect directly with your buyers! SalesHood’s all-new Buyer Sites Chat directly connects buyers and sellers inside of a Buyer Site with open communication. Buyers and sellers alike can say farewell to the days of multiple email threads and lost […]