Getting Started with SalesHood Analytics

This article is your starting guide on how to use SalesHood Analytics to track progress and engagement within the SalesHood Platform. It also discusses how to customize standard report templates, create your own reports and visualizations, and introduces the KPI Dashboard. Roles & Access Users with the ‘Coach’ role have […]

Test Result Reports

As Coaches deploy Tests and Knowledge Checks within Huddles, the SalesHood’s Reports page can be used to track the test scores. These reports are based on the test modules that are created within SalesHood Huddles. Test modules are identified by the cog icon within Huddles: To access the Test Results page […]

Video and Screen Recording

The video and screen recorder is an exciting new feature addition, which allows users to create and share videos of themselves, their screen, or both! Screen recording can be used anywhere in SalesHood where a video may be uploaded or recorded. Some examples of where screen recording can occur are: The “Start Here” […]

Plugin Modules (SCORM)

SCORM, or Shareable Content Object Reference Model is a set of standards for eLearning software products. This article will cover SCORM files and how to use them in SalesHood to streamline your training programs. Note: SalesHood only communicates one direction (receives communication from) Learning Management Systems (LMS). SalesHood does not write […]

Exercise Module Question Types

In SalesHood, there seven unique question types that can be added to Exercise modules by content creators. This article will help you understand what each one of these options is, and how they can be used to gather information from your participant users. 1. Text The text question type provides […]

Deal Review Exercises

This article goes a bit more in-dept on how to create, setup, and utilize this Exercise question type which integrates SalesHood and SalesForce platforms. This feature is a great way to sync up and celebrate wins in your Sales organization. Deal reviews can be set up and then exported back […]

How to Schedule a Huddle Event

Huddle Events can be easily scheduled from the Huddle Template once it has been created. For further reading on Scheduled Huddles and their components, please see this article. To start scheduling Events, first navigate to the Template of the Huddle you would like to create an Event for as a […]

Library Access Logic

The Library is the repository of all content in your instance, and is available to users via the navigation bar on their Homepage. Who can access what in the Library depends on two things: the content/category structure (open vs scheduled, confidential, etc) and the user’s Role in SalesHood. Categories Customer-created […]