The Huddle Publisher

The Huddle Publisher is the page in SalesHood that’s an alphabetical repository for all huddles that are in edit mode. * All published huddles are found in the Library. How to find the Publisher The publisher can be accessed via the 3-line menu in the bottom lefthand corner next to your profile […]

Published Page of a Pitch Module

In this article, we will cover each part of the published page for the pitch module. To see the unpublished page for the pitch module, please go here. There are 3 main components to a published pitch module: pitch video, leaderboard, and reviews. Pitch Video Within the pitch video component, […]

What is a Huddle?

A Huddle is a compilation of learning tools designed to facilitate in-organization learning. Huddles allow teams to “huddle” around a particular topic using different types of content modules to collaborate and share knowledge. They contain completion and scoring metrics so Coaches and Managers can track Participant’s progress and evaluate their knowledge of the […]

Scheduled Huddles

Scheduled Huddles are accessible by Coaches, Managers, and assigned Participants, and are facilitated by a Host. Scheduled Huddles are what will be covered in this article. To read further on the difference between Open and Scheduled Huddle types, please see this article. Scheduled Huddles – Templates and Events A Scheduled […]

Universal Content Creator

The Universal Content Creator refers to the ability to create content, add files/folders, or capture stories, from anywhere in the SalesHood platform. The Universal Content Creator gives you ease-of-use and access to key functionality throughout the platform.   Step1: Locate the plus sign in the upper-right corner of your screen and […]


The prerequisite feature in a huddle or learning path ensures that participants are required to complete modules or a huddle before proceeding further through a program. Prequisite Huddles in Learning Paths In a learning path, the prerequisite option appears when adding a 2nd huddle to a learning path. This option […]

How to Reset/Change Your SalesHood Password

Please note: These steps only apply if your instance of SalesHood currently uses password-based login. If your instance of SalesHood uses SSO (for example, you use Google or Microsoft to login), you will need to contact your IT admin or internal administrator for login assistance. If you need to reset the password to your SalesHood account, please follow these steps: Step 1: Navigate to the SalesHood homepage:  Step 2: Select Login in the upper-righthand corner. Step 3: Select “Forgot your password?” on the form that […]

SharePoint Integration

SharePoint is an industry-leading enterprise tool for intranets, secure document management, collaboration, and much more. With SalesHood, you can integrate your sites, folders, and files from SharePoint directly into the Library and Huddles in your company. Important: Before setting up SharePoint you will need Company Admin access in your SalesHood instance and Manager […]

Sync Dropbox Items to SalesHood Library

Dropbox is a cloud content management and file sharing service for businesses and individuals. If you use Dropbox to manage content for your business you can sync the files and folders directly to the SalesHood library so they can be used in SalesHood programs and tagged to be pulled into […]