Tag individual or multiple (bulk) files

Custom tags in SalesHood are used to tag files and are created and managed by any coach or publisher. The custom tags are associated to and correlate with the SalesHood/Salesforce Content Management app. By using the SalesHood/Salesforce Content Management app, the attributes and tags within SalesHood should match the fields […]

Sales Coaching Content

Sales Coaching Content is a collection of sales productivity best practices that have been created and curated by top leaders. The Sales Coaching Content is included in a company’s instance once they have joined SalesHood. This content can be assigned to your team in the form of scheduled or open huddles, within Learning Paths, or […]

Delete a category from the Library

To delete huddle categories from the library, please follow these steps. Please note this is not applicable to categories that came with the instance by default, otherwise known as SalesHood-owned categories. Step 1:  On the Library page, hover over the category you wish to delete. Click the 3-dot menu icon and select Delete.  Step […]

Uploading Files to the Library

How to add an external link to the library / category If you have a link you would like to add to a category folder in the library, please follow these steps: Step 1: Navigate to the Library and choose the category folder you’d like to add the link to. Step 2: Once in […]

The Huddle Publisher

The Huddle Publisher is the page in SalesHood that’s an alphabetical repository for all huddles that are in edit mode. * All published huddles are found in the Library. How to find the Publisher The publisher can be accessed via the 3-line menu in the bottom lefthand corner next to your profile […]

Published Page of a Pitch Module

In this article, we will cover each part of the published page for the pitch module. To see the unpublished page for the pitch module, please go here. There are 3 main components to a published pitch module: pitch video, leaderboard, and reviews. Pitch Video Within the pitch video component, […]

What is a Huddle?

A Huddle is a compilation of learning tools designed to facilitate in-organization learning. Huddles allow teams to “huddle” around a particular topic using different types of content modules to collaborate and share knowledge. They contain completion and scoring metrics so Coaches and Managers can track Participant’s progress and evaluate their knowledge of the […]

What is a Learning Path?

A Learning Path is a structured curriculum in SalesHood which allows creators the ability to organize Huddles and Files together, as well as measure aggregate completion of assigned participants under one program. Some common use cases for Learning Paths include: onboarding, time-sensitive training (such as annual security training), and product training. How to […]