What is an Activity? An activity is a broad term in SalesHood used to track actions performed on the platform. Here is a full list of actions that count as activities: Commenting Recording a Story, Deal Win or Recognition Video Submitting a Pitch Submitting an Exercise Answer Watching a Video […]


If you’re writing a comment in the SalesHood app, you can @ mention a single user, a Team, Group, or Segment by typing “@” then the name of that user or user subset that you want to mention. As you type, SalesHood will automatically make suggestions that match to your […]

Keep Completion in a Learning Path

This article covers our newly introduced functionality for Learning Paths (May 2020 release), the ability to keep completion for completed participants in Learning Paths. Sometimes after running a program, the creator will wish to add to it. However, what does this mean for users that have already completed the Learning […]

Recording Stories and Deal Wins

Being able to capture goals, successes, accomplishments, and stories using video is a great way to engage your teams and build culture. Video storytelling is an important component in SalesHood that supports how teams are able to share knowledge and best practices. SalesHood’s Recorder enables easy mobile and desktop video sharing. People in […]

The Video Player

This article will cover each component of the SalesHood video player. Sharing The share feature allows you to generate a URL link directly to your video, or an embedded link which you can use to post to a your internal company sites. Please note: Anyone accessing the video via the link will need to have access to the SalesHood instance which it was uploaded to. Download Using the vertical […]

How to Set Up A Test

This article will cover how to create, configure, and run a Test (also called a Quiz or Assessment Module). 1. Create the Huddle First, create a Huddle via the Universal Content Creator dropdown in the upper-lefthand corner. You can create the Huddle as either: Scheduled (meaning it will have a due date, a Host, and is assigned to participant users) or, Open (meaning it will have no due date, no host, and is not assignable – think of these Huddles as reference content that users can check out anytime) […]

My Team Dashboard

One of our goals at SalesHood is to make it easy for managers to run, manage, and review programs they launch for their teams. The Team Dashboard is a central location where Managers, Coaches, and Publishers can keep track of users assigned to them in SalesHood and is only available […]

Tag individual or multiple (bulk) files

Custom tags in SalesHood are used to tag files and are created and managed by any coach or publisher. The custom tags are associated to and correlate with the SalesHood/Salesforce Content Management app. By using the SalesHood/Salesforce Content Management app, the attributes and tags within SalesHood should match the fields […]