What is a Learning Path?

A Learning Path is a structured curriculum in SalesHood which allows creators the ability to organize Huddles and Files together, as well as measure aggregate completion of assigned participants under one program. Some common use cases for Learning Paths include: onboarding, time-sensitive training (such as annual security training), and product training. How to […]

Box Integration

Import files Login as Coach/Publishers/Manager Go to Library Click New Choose Box in the dropdown menu. If this is the first time you’re importing something from Box, it will redirect you to the Box login page, where you need to: Login to your Box account Grant access to Box for […]

SalesHood Reporting APIs for Use in BI Tools

SalesHood Export APIs are a robust new feature in SalesHood which allows your company to measure the success of your programs by integrating with Business Intelligence (BI) tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and even Salesforce. Please note: You do not need to import all datasets that are listed –  only the ones that are relevant to the data you want to correlate! API Datasets There are 31 datasets supported by SalesHood that your […]

Setting up the Salesforce Visualforce Tab Integration

To set up the SalesHood web tab in Salesforce to access the app through Salesforce, please follow these steps: Step 1: Log in to Salesforce as an Admin and navigate to “Setup” Step 2: Search for “Visualforce” using the lefthand navigation bar, and select “Visualforce pages” Step 3: Select “New” […]


An activity is a broad term in SalesHood used to track actions performed on the platform. Activities are tracked and reported in several different places in SalesHood. Where Activities are Reported User Profiles Activities can be found within the profile of any user under the statistics tab and this shows the total number of […]


If you’re writing a comment in the SalesHood app, you can @ mention a single user, a Team, Group, or Segment by typing “@” then the name of that user or user subset that you want to mention. As you type, SalesHood will automatically make suggestions that match to your […]