Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

What is it? DLP is a backend service that scans every document uploaded into your instance for sensitive information. How does it work? Once a file is uploaded, the backend service will begin scanning. The file cannot be viewed or downloaded until its completely scanned and passed. You can upload […]

Groups Overview

Groups are a flexible way for you to manage users in SalesHood. Groups are similar to Segment and Team, but a user can be a member of any number of groups. Because of this, you can use groups in ways that match your organizational structure, such as creating nested organizational […]

Centrify SCIM Provisioning

Provisioning Configuration 1. Login to Centrify as Admin 2. Enable Provisioning Navigate to App/Provisioning 3. Update Provisioning Configuration SCIM Service URL PRODUCTION environment: PREVIEW environment: Choose Bearer Token for Authorization Header Input the Token provided by SalesHood Support. Finally, click verify to make sure the configuration is working. Sync users to Provisioned App […]

Unpublished Page of the Pitch Module

In this article, we will walk through the functionality for the unpublished page of the pitch module in a huddle. We will cover how to create , edit, and manage a pitch module. Create To create a pitch module, go into the “Edit” mode of the huddle to make it […]

Company Admin role

What is the Company Admin role? This role is for users who typically set up and manage integrations or branding within your company. This could be a Marketing or IT Manager that do not require user management permissions within SalesHood. What are the permissions for the Company Admin? Permissions Create […]