Setting up Centrify (SSO)

Step 1: Log into your Centrify account (if you are using the User Portal, switch to Admin Portal). Step 2: Click Apps Step 3: Select Add Web Apps Step 4: Change to Custom tab and add a SAML app Step 5: Update App Settings The format for Assertion Consumer Service URL is: https://{subdomain} (The Issuer can be anything, but we […]

Partner Instances

Partner Instances are an add-on feature that supports an additional level of access control. Partner instances allow you to set up separate instances that are linked to your Main Instance in Saleshood, giving you the ability to easily push content from the Main instance to the Partner instance. By adding a new […]

Move a huddle / file into a category

(Please click here to first learn how to create a category) *SalesHood Premium Content (content pre-populatd by SalesHood) cannot be moved into a different category. The best practice to moving a SalesHood Premium content is to first clone it, then move the cloned copy to the new category. Also please […]

Installing the SalesHood/Salesforce content management package from AppExchange

To access the SalesHood/Salesforce Content Management app, first search for “SalesHood” on the Salesforce AppExchange. If assistance is needed, contact your SalesHood customer success manager/sales rep or emailing To install the SalesHood content managed package, please follow these steps: Step 1:  Navigate to the Salesforce AppExchange ( Step 2: […]

Tag individual or multiple (bulk) files

Custom tags in SalesHood are used to tag files and are created and managed by any coach or publisher. The custom tags are associated to and correlate with the SalesHood/Salesforce Content Management app. By using the SalesHood/Salesforce Content Management app, the attributes and tags within SalesHood should match the fields […]

Switching instances

If you belong to multiple instances of SalesHood, you can easily switch between accountsOn web 1. Click your profile image in the upper right of the navigation bar 2. Click on the instance you’d like to switch to (your current instance is shown at the top) On mobile 1. Tap […]

SalesHood Premium Content

SalesHood Premium Content is a collection of sales productivity best practices that have been created and curated by top sales productivity leaders. The Premium Content is included in a company’s instance once they have joined SalesHood. The Premium Content can be assigned to your team as scheduled huddles or open huddles, within Learning Paths, or […]

Which Single Sign-On (SSO) providers does SalesHood support?

SalesHood supports the following SSO identity providers (IDP): OKTA OneLogin Centrify Avatier Google OAuth Salesforce PingIdentity Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS by Microsoft) Any SAML To gain access to SalesHood, please request a login from your organization’s IT department or sales enablement department to ensure you have been added to […]